Water Intrusion Repair

One Contractor from Start to Finish

Water intrusion can be a costly repair and a major inconvenience for homeowners and homebuilders.  We know how difficult it can be to soothe a new homeowner and, at the same time, coordinate repairs to their home.  Trying to ensure you find multiple trustworthy contractors to perform all the required repairs and then coordinating those numerous trades is a handful.  We serve homebuilders and their warranty teams by being the only company they need to work with to repair the structure and turn a once upset client into a happy homeowner.  When we are on the job site, we fully understand that our service reflects our partners and our own.

Our Experience in Water Intrusion Repair

SD&C has completed hundreds of repairs to structures that have experienced water intrusion for residential clients and homebuilders.  The first step is determining how water gets into the structure to get to the root cause.  We spend time investigating the entire situation and not just the symptoms.  We want to walk away from your project knowing that the warranty we provide will likely never be used.  By ensuring we get to the root cause, we can address the problem and formulate a plan to keep your warranty department free of follow-up calls from homeowners in the future.  The result, of course, is a homeowner whose experience has changed from a negative to a positive.  

Townhome Exterior Water Intrusion Repair

Porch Water Intrusion Repair

This client had water puddling on their porch.  Unfortunately, due to poor maintenance, water penetrated through a small hairline crack near the drip edge, which caused significant damage.

We thoroughly inspected the area, not just the problem spot.  We found where water was penetrating and made a plan to resolve the situation long-term.  We supported the structure and slowly disassembled the porch.  Rebuilding the patio to specification and ensuring the home looked great and was structurally safe.  We take photos to provide our step-by-step process and document that the job was completed correctly.

Large Balcony Water Intrusion Repair

Occasionally, contractors fail to follow building instructions, and the results can be devastating. Simply not applying flashing correctly can bring a headache to homeowners and our partners. By SD&C taking the project from start to finish, we can take a costly and troublesome repair like this and make it as if it never happened. On top of that, our skilled labor team does everything possible to minimize the impact on homeowners and communicate with the warranty team.

Small Balcony Water Intrusion Repair

Supporting our partner builders when a problem comes along is our specialty. Here we take a small porch with a flashing problem and provide repairs from the top down to ensure water intrusion will not be a problem again. Getting to the root cause and not just treating the symptoms of water intrusion not only solves the problem but also provides our partners with peace of mind that the problem is resolved.

Water Damaged Drywall Repair

We all know that water runs downhill. But the question is, when the water gets into a home, where did it go? That is where we come in. First, we determine how water ingresses the house and where it’s going. From there, we make a plan to prevent it from happening again. Secondly, our team goes to work repairing the water damage on the structure.

Our team helps eliminate the need for multiple trades, just like the job below, by providing prep work, demo, insulation, drywall, mud, texture, finish carpentry, and paint. By doing this, we have eliminated the need for the warranty team member to make various calls to coordinate and perform these tasks.

Trades We Provide in House That Save Your Resources

  • Remove all Damage
  • Rough Carpentry
  • Waterproofing
  • House wrap Installation
  • Flashing Installation
  • Hardie Installation
  • Pressure Washing
  • Painting

Why is Sierra Development and Construction your Go-To Company for Water Intrusion Repair?

We have a track record of repairing and improving homes that were not built to the builder’s required specifications while protecting the brand of the builder.  Our experienced team has worked on small and large repairs to prevent the same mistake from happening again.  We build trust by doing what we say we will do for our clients.  That takes time and dedication to detail.  One of our core values is Excellence in the Ordinary.  That means every detail matters, and nothing is to be overlooked during a repair.  Our team treats every home they repair as if they were going to live in it themselves.

What’s Next?

Contact us so we can get started.  We will work together to get an understanding of your situation.  We will visit your job site and walk with you to work on a plan that minimizes the impact on your homeowner and provides value to your organization.  Please get in touch with us at the link below

Neighborhoods we have served.  Water’s Edge, Eagle Creek, Laurette Park, North Shore, Moss Park, Oviedo in the Park, Twelve Oaks, Avalon Park, Cypress Lakes, Celebration, 11 on Thorton, The Gardens at Park West, Reagan Point, Oakland Park, Keene’s Pointe, Winter Park, Windermere, and many more.

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